Custom Made Suits

 Create your tailor High-quality suit.


Our product line

based in the finest worldwide fabrics, on high quality production standards, with a wide range of customization options and made in Turkey, gives the opportunity to our clients to leverage their brand value by adding to their portfolio a new service for new value added segments, with a high quality custom made product.

  • Create Fashion Brand 75%
  • Design Consulting 90%
  • Quality Control 100%
  • Salesman Samples 85%

Create a fashion brand

Start your brand now

we create your fashion brand since the beginning Just you provide us your idea and we create the technical drawings. we found the perfect fabrics for your collection, make the pattern, make the salesman samples and we produce your collection.

I have a Fashion Brand

All the development and production

Provide us your technical drawings with measurements and references of fabrics and we found the perfect fabrics for your collection, make the pattern, make the salesman samples and produce your collection!

Quality Control

Full Control

If you have a fashion brand and you produce in Turkey and you need to keep all your production under control as the quality of your garments, fabrics and quality guarantee delivery times we are experts and we can do it for you.

Salesman samples

Salesman samples for your production

You have a factory in Asia or but you want to produce your prototypes with high quality to use as references for your producers, now have solution. We use high quality fabrics to give you references to be able to use in production, we developed the patterns and make the salesman samples.

Fashion design

Design consulting

Do you have a fashion brand but you need create your collection with the perfect technical drawings, with the indication of measures and with perfect fabrics for the creation, now you have the solution.

Polopark industrial park includes 12 textile and garment processing factories with around 1200 employees working side be side with each other. it reminds me of an average university campus. The buildings are low and spread across the 250 acres of land spanning the industrial park including limited accommodation for its staff members and even a wild life sanctuary. The company is mature enough and doesn’t have a need to rush for fast expansion by building extra stories on top of old buildings. With its full proof fire and building safety arrangements using state of the art production equipments, Polopark remains one of the largest vertically integrated textiles and garments industries in Turkey.

Poloppark is very strongly influenced by the global brands that Polopark produces for: Lanificio Cerruti Lanificio F.lli Cerruti, Vakko Suits & Blazers, Daniel Hechter Paris, POLGAT COLLECTION, Max Moretti, Nielsen’s suits, Zara, Macy’s are just some of those carrying out regular audits, to see if the Polopark matches the standards set by each of them.
We are a manufactures for high-quality clothing production. Textile production is our passion.

We are 3 Factorys:

  1. Expert in making fabrics woven Suits, jackets, shirts etc.
  2. Specialist Cotton Shirts, Pants etc.
  3. Specialist in handmade leathers shoes and belt etc.

We love the excitement of create inspiring clothes.
Our team is composed of fashion designer, pattern makers, cutters, quality controllers and engineers textiles.
We work with brands with international renown and also support new brands to grow.

Manufactures top class men and Men pants, jackets, suits, for retailers in highly personalized small series garment productions in Canvas, Half-Canvas, or Unconstructed models with several materials and options, given them the ability and flexibility to launch several collections during season.